Owner Alba Carranza is no stranger to the restaurant business. She began working in restaurants early, and in the 1990s, she opened and owned a restaurant. Later, she invested in a food truck. To open Taqueria y Pupuseria El Torogoz, in 2021, she sold that food truck. Not the most propitious time for restaurants, but she held to her dream. On their first day, Alba and her daughter, Andrea were in the bank, getting change for the register. They had no Grand, or even Soft Opening, planned. The bank employees asked if they could order food right there on the spot. There’s hardly been a lull since. The welcome and acceptance from the community is welcome and amazing.

The welcome might be in part because the selections of Salvadoran and Mexican cuisine give diners the opportunity to explore the cultural differences between various dishes. Alba is from the Southeastern area of El Salvador and her creations reflect that. Her daughter, Andrea, took care in collecting the artwork that decorates the walls and hangs from the ceiling, reflecting both cultures.

Alba’s domain is the kitchen, where she creates and oversees the preparation of Salvadoran food like pastellas, papusas and platillos. She works with Chef Cecilio Domingquez who creates the Mexican dishes. Like Alba, he possesses prior restaurant experience. Years ago, he began as a dishwasher and worked his way up to kitchen manager overseeing three locations for another popular restaurant. Together, they meld their culinary skills to create an authentic dining experience, no matter which country destination your tastebuds take you to! Be adventuresome – try both.