Hot Sauce

The origins of hot sauce date back thousands of years in Mexico. That means humans have had centuries to perfect hot sauce. Different chilies combined with other simple ingredients, like vinegar and citrus, create a range of complex flavors. Some like it hot, and some like it mild.

We’ve perfected our own unique hot sauces to enjoy with anything on our menu. We offer three different types and heat levels of hot sauce made right here in our kitchen.

  • Habanero Roasted Hot Sauce
  • Salsa Roja
  • Salsa Verde

Our most popular, Habanero Roasted Hot Sauce, comes from a family recipe with origins in Yucatan. Our head chef’s family, to this day, grow acres of habanero and sell them in their little town. But when his father couldn’t sell all of the habaneros, they would dry them out, and his father would ask him to take the seeds out so they could use them for the next crop. So now, as an homage to his past and the habaneros that weren’t used, our head chef uses them to make our most popular hot sauce. First, we roast the habaneros to bring out their flavor. Then, we blend them with vinegar, lime juice, sea salt, and a few special ingredients to add complexity. The blend of these ingredients is hot without shocking your taste buds. Try it, and you’ll love it!