Aguas frescas

Limonada Fresca
House made limeade, sweetened with raw cane sugar.
Fresco de Ensalada Salvadoreña/ Exotic fruits Salad juice
A refreshing drink with a mix of fruit juices and diced organic…
Traditional Mexican Horchata
Made with ground rice, milk, cinnamon, vanilla, and raw cane sugar.
Iced Coffee
Sweetened, iced espresso with organic milk
Hibiscus cold tea sweetened with raw cane sugar.
Jugo De China
Fresh squeezed o.j. 16 oz
Made with tamarind fruit, water, and raw cane sugar.
Horchata Salvadoreña
Made from a blend of spices and seeds with rice and raw…
El Torogoz Cafe
Sweetened, organic espresso, steamed milk